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In Australia, skipping the polls comes with a fine.

By Victoria Kim

After Australia?s 2016 federal election, a parliamentary committee urged the country?s election commission to investigate the worryingly low voter turnout, saying the trend may signal trouble for the health of its democracy.

Compulsory voting is seen as forcing candidates toward the political center.

by The New York Times

Ringling Circus Is Returning. Lions, Tigers and Dumbo Are Not.

By Sarah Maslin Nir

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Shuttered since 2017, Ringling Brothers will bring back its circus in 2023, but this time there will be no animal acts.

by The New York Times

Biden?s Summit of the Americas Is Threatened by Boycotts, Confusion

By Anatoly Kurmanaev and Jack Nicas

MEXICO CITY ? Confusion over invitations, an unclear agenda and growing boycott threats.

Latin American heads of state are threatening to skip the event in Los Angeles, putting at risk the White House?s agenda in a region gripped by upheaval.

by The New York Times

You?ve Been to the Brooklyn Museum. But Have You Seen It Like This?

By Farah Nayeri

Museums periodically revamp displays of their permanent collections to freshen up the visitor experience and lure back audiences. With a new show, which opened in February, the Brooklyn Museum has done exactly that ? and more.

A revamping of the display of some 19th and 20th-century European art is intended to encourage visitors to explore issues of race and gender.

by International New York Times

Where Death Rates Rose the Most During the Pandemic

By Denise Lu and Eleanor Lutz

The U.S. had more deaths above normal levels during the pandemic than most other wealthy countries, according to the most reliable data yet from the World Health Organization.

by The New York Times

Good Place to Dig Potatoes

By Deb Amlen

THURSDAY PUZZLE ? I don?t know about you, but I am always excited when the Thursday crossword rolls around. Sometimes there?s a trick and sometimes there isn?t, but these puzzles are rarely dull. And the conversation around them is even livelier.

Alex Rosen mixes things up.

by The New York Times

An Arts Festival With Hardly a Stage in Sight

By Laura Cappelle

BRUSSELS ? As the biggest performing arts festival in Brussels got underway last weekend, there were few traditional stages in sight. Instead, spectators assembled in colonial-era monuments, a disused railway museum and even the debating chamber of Belgium?s Senate.

Performance venues at this year?s Kunstenfestivaldesarts, in Brussels, include a disused museum and the upper house of Belgium?s Parliament.

by The New York Times

Can You Guess the Country? A New Geography Photo Quiz for Students

Compiled by John Otis

For this special edition quiz, we challenge you to test your geography knowledge using photographs from around the world.

by The New York Times

1 Million Deaths, 13 Last Messages

By Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer

The last messages from those we lost to Covid.

by The New York Times

Félix Auger-Aliassime Can Be an Ideal Champion. First, He Has to Win More.

By Matthew Futterman

PARIS ? Before there was Carlos, there was Félix.

For years, tennis experts have heralded the promise of Auger-Aliassime, a young Canadian. But can he reach the top in the era of Carlos Alcaraz?

by The New York Times

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