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Building for Real With Digital Blocks

By Tina Rosenberg

In 2011, Jorgen Hallstrom, a project manager at Swedish Building Services, was redesigning public housing complexes around Stockholm. The buildings were rundown and bleak, the public spaces uninviting.

To improve community structures with citizens? input, the United Nations uses a computer game inspired by Lego.

by The New York Times

Using Old Cellphones to Listen for Illegal Loggers

By Mike Ives

PAKAN RABAA, Indonesia ? This village in West Sumatra, a lush province of volcanoes and hilly rain forests, had a problem with illegal loggers.

Indonesian villagers are trying out a treetop surveillance system that uses recycled phones and artificial intelligence software to detect chain saws.

by The New York Times

Taking Ayahuasca When You?re a Senior Citizen

By Casey Schwartz

At 74, the venture capitalist George Sarlo might not have seemed an obvious candidate for an ayahuasca experience. Mr. Sarlo, a Hungarian Jewish immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1956, has had great professional success as the co-founder of Walden Venture Capital. He lives in an upscale San Francisco neighborhood, in a large house with an unobstructed view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some older adults are dabbling in this powerful psychedelic, which is mostly illegal in the United States.

by The New York Times

Corrections: October 17, 2019


Corrections appearing in print on Thursday, October 17, 2019.

by The New York Times

Peru Government Taps Armed Forces to Unblock Copper Protests

LIMA ? The Peruvian government on Wednesday authorized the intervention of the armed forces and police to unblock access to one of the country's largest copper mines, after owner Chinese miner MMG Ltd said it may have to cease production at the site.

by Reuters

Australia Wants Trade Deals With Hong Kong, Indonesia, Peru

CANBERRA, Australia ? Australia wants bilateral free trade deals with Hong Kong, Indonesia and Peru to take effect early next year, the trade minister said Wednesday, adding that the Hong Kong treaty supports its unique status within China.

by AP

Are We Ready for Satellites That See Our Every Move?

By Sarah Parcak

When President Trump tweeted an image of Iran?s Imam Khomeini Space Center in August, amateur satellite trackers were shocked by the image?s high resolution. After some sleuthing, they concluded it came from USA 224, a highly classified satellite launched in 2011 by the National Reconnaissance Office and believed to be part of the multibillion-dollar KH-11 program. Not only did the satellite?s size, location and orbit match the vantage point of the image, but only such a state-of-the-art satellite could possibly capture details like the clear Persian writing on the launchpad?s edge.

We should consider the ethical implications of satellites that can identify us, and our license plates, from space.

by The New York Times

Mounting Venezuela Exodus Sparks Fears of Rising Xenophobia

LIMA, Peru ? Freddy Brito had just finished belting out tunes on a bus in Peru's capital and was crossing a street on his one good leg when the driver of a blue taxi sped up and veered toward the singer.

by AP

In Ecuador and Beyond, Indigenous Groups Are Fighting to Be Seen

By Isabelia Herrera

El Espace is a column dedicated to news and culture relevant to Latinx communities. Expect politics, arts, analysis, personal essays and more. ¿Lo mejor? It?ll be in Spanish and English, so you can forward it to your tía, your primo Lalo or anyone else (read: everyone).

We spoke to a New York-based activist about the movement for indigenous rights throughout the Americas.

by The New York Times

UN Rights Chief: Challenges Increase to Global Cooperation

UNITED NATIONS ? The U.N. human rights chief said Tuesday the world is witnessing increasing hate speech, rising challenges to international cooperation, and pushbacks on women's equality and the rights of minorities.

by AP

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