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Restauración arquitectura

    To visit the archeological ruins of the liberteña's mountain is on amazing adventure to meet with our past, to admire its constructions made; the Marcahuamachuco monumental, situates to three km. from Huamachuco ( the capital of the province), with an there altitude of 3,700 meters over the sea.

      You can breath the attractive magnetism, its legendary trajectory which still keeps alive and the wonderful vegetation full of trees and plants. That amazing landscope makes its population develop theis creativity and talent.

      As a good example of our legendary history, witness of thriving stages, the people must realize that the preservation of its monumental construtions are very important in the camp of archeology.


Dives is the researchs made by the Topic couple, we can know that the first people living in Marcahuamachuco appered between the years 400 and 1000 after Christ.

Famous men such as Dr. Julio C. Tello, Max Uhle explored these ruins in order to find who made these constructions.

      There was also another man called Tehodore Mc. Cown, who made many research in 1940 in order to determine chronologically the identification of its ancient population and their relations with the Inca's culture.

      Marcahuamachuco wasn't only the briggest center of all the north Mountain, the peculiarity of its constructive aspects made of this place more interesting. We know that this hill was built in detail, where the natural stone was token out from the mud and was colocated in the form of rectangular blocks, some of them were put horizontally and others vertically; these ruins call the attention of the investigators and can be seen from large distances.

Vista panorámica

To day we can have a concept that the Marcahuamachuco monumental was built with a wonderful archeological criterion which reveals the grat knowledge and the dominion of if it were a natural construction.

      The constructors of these ruins amazed not only the ancient people, but also the present people. These ruins are considerated as a precious archeological jewel of La Libertad Region and it must be studied carefully.